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part, as soon as the government shut down goes away, next thing, which is going -- now, is obamacare, obamacare web site, the irs is implementing the penalties and what that is going to be. and to determine people have insurance, there is more coming down that will be on their heads. neil: you could argue though, there is logic to nancy pelosi was saying in terms of already the party challenges to those republican congressmen and women, who either went along with this, they would -- they would potentially hand a safe republican seat to a democrat, happened before, you need that in some big numbers, 717 or 18 to get you there but it is possible. >> it is possible. when we sat down with nancy pelosi, she was very happy, she was saying, that for first time, they will pick up seats, not as far as a joe namath-like predict. but she is bullish, it helped democrat recruiting and fundraising, the story is now obamacare, which is a problem for democrats. in november 2014, talking about shut down, is a problem for republicans and obamacare republicans could pick up seats. neil: an argument tal
obamacare policy and t ♪ ♪ ♪ neil: forget about what did he know and when did he know. what the president, it's more like what doesn't he know and how much else doesn't he know. because if there is one thing that has come through loud and clear, welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto he says he did not know about them and he did not see them. just like you did not see the ire as targeting them in his own state department watching and causey. food for thought. because if this cheat is a polybius to all the shenanigans, just who is running this reservation? and if the head of the government looks like a renegade and reckless shadow government, is not a lot worse than being in on the crime? being oblivious to the crime. jamie weinstein says this might be the most disturbing development of the week. he is wondering about no clue obama. and it's a little disconcerting to put it mildly. because this guy can be on top of everything. but he's clearly not on top of lots of things and some of them are top security matters. >> we have known for a while according to books like bob woodward and a new boo
, whether it's obamacare were getting the money out the door to the people for the irs scandals come and there seems to be a lack of accountability. neil: they can get the money but they can't dispense it. >> exactly. >> i was involved with working with the bush administration in the white house, the white house was on top of this issue with the agency to make sure this that this money was out the door and there was never with all the money that came to the state, we never had an issue with fraud and we got the money out the door and we had a plan in place and there was full transparency. and what is the plan here for the use of all this money? where homeowners, but they have infrastructure issues and all of them have to be addressed and it doesn't seem to be the same transparency after september 11, to get the public involved and invested in this process. neil: this is one of the more bizarre footnotes on this tragedy from a year ago. and that your sense hurricane sandy, many are still struggling and collectively suing, saying they didn't handle the electricity flow during the snow.
of it this is your healthcare law, you have to fix it. that requires you admit it. you are botching it your obamacare thing, you are losing it. and you are losing us. here is what i'm offering you, a way out. but it will require something you have never done. but something your own health and human services offered, albeit half heartedly, personal responsibility for a mess, you can do this, tonight we'll show you how. i am neil cavuto, mr. president, i want to talk to you. this is your moment. i hate to break it to you, but you are blowing it. our personal approval rating just hit an all-time long, and publi angst at all-time high. you cannot afford doing this familiar act again and again. no time for wasting time, doing the same old thing time and gain, forget them, focus on you and your legacy. this is where it will hurt. you have to get tough now mr. president. you have to admit that now. you have to say this. maybe not in those words, but words close, that relay that you, sir, screwed this up. i could say, take a cue from your health and human services secretary, but that could be beneath you, se
trust health and human services or anyone involved in obamacare now. neil: congressman, if in 30 days as she promised today if she can't make this ride she should go? >> absolutely. neil: okay. >> they have had three years. we gave them this time. let's see if they can do that. my guess is that they are not going to be able to. i think there are fatal flaws in its programming. >> she also talked about how this will take time. the president and self coming to massachusetts to say this is not much different than romney care in that state. it took awhile to rollout. mitt romney posting this on his facebook earlier today, congressman, when you're the president was making the comparison. had he actually learned the lessons, millions of americans would not lose the insurance they were promised that they could keep. millions more would not see their premiums skyrocket. he is going obviously to the incubator for the government taking charge of health care. a state, to be fair, made as been a lot smoother than the federal rollout. what do you make of the president making his pitch in massachus
is that he has been skewing ted cruz and other republicans who went against obamacare so strong that they said that it was necessary perhaps even have the government shutdown. they probably were right in focusing all that attention and putting them on the right side of obamacare as far as most of the public is concerned considering the mistakes that were made. but john mccain was talking about calling them idiots. >> ted cruz always held back his personal attacks. it wasn't until john mccain had begun then. >> the bottom line is you shouldn't hold an appointment hostage you should judge a person on whether they are good or not. including doing what he wants of our economy and it is his prerogative to lease nominate people who are put in power and advise and consent. they don't hold these people hostage. neil: so you think that john mccain is doing some of us to make up for the fact that he looked like he was very unpopular and this is a way to assuage those who said he was to ryan ellis? >> yes, he would fit this segment perfectly. he likes to get angry, he really does. >> they
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)